Are You Out There?

4 03 2009

Its been about a year since I have posted anything on this blog, and yet, the hits and views are still coming in at a fairly alarming rate. If there are any regular/ex-regular readers that check in from time to time, I apologize for the sudden drop off with no explanation.

I stopped posting because I went back to school, received in creased responsibility at work, and didnt get the advertising deals with the companies that I contacted. With that being said, I am toying with the idea of starting back up, but first, I would like to know if there are any actual readers that visit this site by name, rather than a google image search.

Its fairly easy to see that my posts are ahead of the curve as far as release dates and new music posts, but it would be difficult for me to believe that there are any regulars on this page because of the lack of comments. But the hits and views keep coming.

If there are any regulars out there, please comment this post and let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.



Nike Air Force 1 – Air Max Pack

16 03 2008


These are a few pics from the “Air Max Pack” of AF1 lows that are coming out soon, no word on release dates. The above pair are fairly obvious, and the “Infra Red 90” inspired joints are inside, with the ’95 womens ones. Honestly, the womens one are probably the illest. Oh well. The “Air Max” logo on the tongue of the ’95 inspired joints = sweet suzy.

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Eastpak Spring ’08

16 03 2008


There are a few classy new items on in the way of back packs. I will give you advice, and tell you that this one isnt the illest one, there is some real fire over there. I am teasing because I want to see who is willing to click the link. It so lonely on the bottom.

Nike St Pauli Dunk Hi and Low

16 03 2008


Exclusive to Austria, Switzerland and Germany. That upsets me. Hi’s are inside. Gracious thanks to Highsnobiety.

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The Roots – Rising Down Album Art

16 03 2008


This is going to be the album cover for the new Roots offering. I think its pretty cool, I have a special little link below that will take you to the magical world of Eskay, and you will be able to play an embedded flash player with some true fire on it. Enjoy.

Air Jordan Force Fusion V – White / Orange Peel

10 03 2008


A million thanks to “Air Randy” for the pics.

These Jordan Forces are a little on the girly side, with the orange, but that cool grey evens it out for me. The best part of the fusion V’s is the removable strap, this allows one to not look like a walking reflector. I am not a huge fan of the 3M on any shoe, but these fusion V’s are milking the cow on this wonderful material.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid – White/Black/Neon yellow

10 03 2008


Available at online retailer LTD Online, this is one of the many recent AF1 releases this year that have really come through for the tru fans. The mesh mid panel is unique to the AF1 line and its looking real nice on this basic colorway. The neon yellow on the bottom is pretty effective at giving the “pop” that the ’08 AF1 has a newly developed reputation for. I am getting my click finger ready for Uptown coppage.