Air Jordan Force XII Fusion

1 01 2008


The First to be release out of the “Air Jordan Force” fusion line, the Taxi joints are set to drop next week. They are rumored to go for around $150. These are nice, they probably look better than the XII’s do, Nah.. nice though.. I cant wait for those Fusion V’s to come out..




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4 01 2008
air jordan retro

I am blown away at how many air jordans there are. Nike makes a zillion different kinds.

4 01 2008

Many more to come, my retro friend.. I believe they are planning a “Jordan Force” for each and every Air Jordan ever released, I hope they leave out the 1’s and 2’s. the 1’s are pretty much dunks, so they would look the same and the 2’s are complete boats.

5 01 2008
Sneaky Squeeky

I agree MOD. I wonder how a Jordan 13 force would look…hmmm. I will ponder these thoughts while walking through the mall with my african belt buckle. But, Air Jrdan retro…in response to your comment, I think they are going out of control as well. As they say in coffee commercials…I guess its still good til the last drop.

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