Kool G Rap Feat. Haylie Duff – Rise Again

2 01 2008

Kool G Rap 

Off G’s new album  Half A Klip. Produced by DJ Premier, entirely.

Kool G Rap ft. Haylie Duff – Rise Again

The beat is ill, as one would expect, but i was confused by the Haylie Duff feature. Then i listened to the song and its pretty ill.. She did a good job on the hook.. This “Half A Klip” joint is going to be crazy..




11 responses

4 01 2008

yooo is ceo dmak hittin that?

4 01 2008

yoooo that was a crazy song

4 01 2008

ceo dmak is dating her right???

4 01 2008

i have no idea who ceo dmack is. i would love to know though.

5 01 2008
Sneaky Squeeky

Who knows who ceo dmack is but who would tickle that skinny fanny. Check out myspace.com/Ensoner for the future

9 01 2008

lol ceo dmak is the ceo of g raps label…he is also the exec producer of g raps new album…yall got to get your wiki game up hahaha…kids like 20 or something real talk

9 01 2008

i met dude at a shade 45 birthday party..he was sloppy..his freind threw up on paul rosenburg in the vip room….dude rolled up to a industy event in a phillys t shirt haha fuckouttahere

9 01 2008

who’s haylie duff???

9 01 2008

Haylie Duff is “Summer” from Napolean Dynamite, Hillary Duff’s sister. Long, ski slope-like nose.

Phillies T-shirt. lol at his hood demeanor.

12 01 2008

i seen dude with Ras Kass and grap at houstons on Park Ave and 53rd….he told me he was about to do a best of both worlds album with his faviort rappers….i told him…CAN I SEE SOME FUCKIN ID hahaha lil punk

13 01 2008

First things first, Kool G Rap is a legend and the fact that you have no idea who he is, until you looked it up in wikipedia, is testament of your ignorance, not his non-popularity.
Second, these made up stories are only making you look like an idiot.
Third, Why do you put a different name on all of your comments, but list the same email address? Dont assume that everyone is as stupid as you are, its insulting.
Those things aside, Thank you for reading Cantbeserious.worpress.com and keep reading so you may be able to learn something about hip-hop, and respecting the originators of the genre.
Thank you for your time and attention.

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