Whole January Nike SB line-up.

4 01 2008

P-Rod II’s

Nike SB is going with a “skate board deck” theme so these shoes will likely have a deck that resembles them in the future.. These P-Rod’s are crazy, but there are more inside.. the blazers are supposed to represent the trucks..


Ahhh, I hate blazers.

Boca Zoom tres

These are pretty ill, I like the fabric stitch around the swoosh..

Zoom Air Abbington

I hope these are women and children only. I don’t know 1 self respecting man that would adorn their feet with these things..

gibson guitar case dunk low

I like these, but I dont think I could get over the turbo pink-ness..




4 responses

5 01 2008
Sneaky Squeeky

Those sneakers in the middle of the group are amazing. What are they called? I need these in my life. I like the dunks too! I have to agree everything is fresh except for the pink. I would have to change the laces and never wear them with shorts. I would have to hide my sensitive feelings.

5 01 2008
Sneaky Squeeky

By The way this kid id da troof!

5 01 2008
Sneaky Squeeky

These kicks are rated M for Mexican. Don’t front on DJ’s choice of footwear.

6 01 2008


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