Nike Re-Designed Dunk Low “Urban Haze”

20 01 2008


The “Urban Haze” Dunk Low Olive Suede/Olive Hemp upper, Brown Swoosh, and my favorite, gum sole.

Really feelin’ these joints, the olive and brown go together well, and the hemp is ill.

Rear view inside. shout to KATC on the pics.





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22 01 2008


31 01 2008
katc | News trend world

[…] Nike Re-Designed Dunk Low ???Urban Haze??? […]

8 03 2008
jack b nimble

where can i get these?

9 03 2008

they used to be in the nike members only store online, but i think you can pick them up a journeys right now.. not sure if they are at yet though.

22 02 2009

there used to be a pair of nike like these.. same color combo… but the bottom was made of hay or something like that… anyone know what those were called. cant remember if they were dunks or not… i know they had a air bubble in the hay part.

any help?

3 03 2009

I can vaguely remember a few pair of dunks that utilized the Hemp material, but nothing like ‘hay’. There were also some ‘horse hair’ dunks as well. I hope this helped some..

10 12 2009

Where the hell can you find these shoes??? I went into journeys and they aren’t sold there. Anyone know where to get these?

23 06 2010

i think is likely to be your best bet.

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