Shyheim Disses Raekwon?

27 01 2008

Sooo, it appears there is more garbage in the Wu ranks. Shyheim, the man-child, is mad at the Chef for some sort of P-Diddy arrangement that Rae sh*tted on backstage at one of the Wu’s tour dates. Apparently Shyheim was going to put out a “How To Rob Part 2” with diddy and Rae squashed it. So the saga begins. Rae is way, way iller than the man-child, I hope this gets squashed quickly. Its funny how the $ gets messed up within the Wu and nobody makes a record, but when a washed up, never really was, rapper gets an alleged project put out, there are records about Rae in less than a week. Can anybody smell the “Dis a big name to get known” odor?




5 responses

29 01 2008

aint no shyheim tryin’ to dis a big name to get known!!!!!! He could bring heat on his own with his lyrics!!!!! and anyway shyheim be in da hood!!!! he represent the hood hard body!!!!!!! i don’t see raekwon in da hood out in the S.I. shyheim come through!!!!!! don’t hate!!!!!

29 01 2008
hun9r! 000'z a 5ava93 (bottom up till i die)

fuck u ni99az this is personal ya’ll dnt kno shit rae hatin on my son thtz whtz really goin on this ni99a is washed up he pay for ass my dudes. my nigga shy kum to tha hood and hold us down this pussy nigga raekwon dnt sho his face i aint heard of nobody givin it up to this nigga he getz no love and i fux wit niggaz frum tha wu and besides “hands dwn Shyheim the Manchild iz way illa thn rae and i got dem H*mob ni99az who b willin to spray” bottom up till i di3

30 01 2008

A little bit feisty, are we?
I am a fan of Shy’s music, but I am not a fan of airing out differences between affiliates on a record, and a video for that matter. In my opinion, this should have been addressed face to face, not on a record.

Thats it.

My sh*t don’t stink
I never tuck my link
Shyheim never sleepin’
My eyes just blink

I wish I could have heard from him without a family dis record.

30 01 2008

2 b honest I expected for Shy 2 punch Rae n the face 4 pushing down the camera but he showed growth by not responding to that sucker ass move right then and there. Hip hop need a lil battle of the mics every now and then, as long as it dont turn n 2 violence it’s good 2 c a lil family rivalry.

1 02 2008

As long as its all hip-hop, I’m good.

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