Mixtape Releases

4 02 2008



Alot of heat over the last week or so, I’ll let you know what to cop and what to pass on. Reviews inside.

20080203mreup_160x160.jpg This mixtape is basically “The Re-Up Gang” (The Clipse, Ab-Liva [defunct “Major Figgas” Member, with Gillie the Kid and Dutch and Spade, all better than him by the way] and a random dude that is garbage named Sandman) flowing over some new beats and some classic beats. As one may expect, Pusha kills everything he touches and Malice isnt far behind. The other 2 [Borat] not so much. Liva and Sandman are not reppin North Philly too well, but who is?

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 -> there is only so much one can take from the lesser half of the “Gang”

20080128mkgr_160x160.jpg The Kool Genius of Rap is going hard promoting his new joint “Half A Klip”, this mixtape being the latest attempt to get people hyped on the project. First of all, I am copping the album already, didnt need the mixtape to spoil half of the tracks before I get it. With that said, he has original material and some old ones on here to help one get into the mood of the Kool G style.

Overall Rating 4out of 5 -> too many album spoilers

20080129mjada_160x160.jpg Ahh, yet another reference to terrorism. I can at least see the point in this one, he is really killing the mic on pretty much all tracks. There are a few freestyles that most of us have already heard, and then som remixes that have been released as well, but then there is some gold with Beans, and some serious heat over the “I Get Money” track. Good showing by Kiss, but if you were looking for something different from homey, dont look here. Jada gives us what he, and D-Block, is famous for; gritty lyrics and catch metaphors. In this case change would have been welcomed just as well as more of the same. Jada is very versatile and I, for one, cant wait for his first Def Jam release. They better not screw this one up.

Overall rating 4.5 out of 5 -> one track where he went a little deeper would have earned him a 5

20080130mclue_160x160.jpg First thing I thought when I saw that Clue dropped another one was, “Nice”. Then I listened to it. First track was Rick Ross telling me some nonsense I didn’t understand and then finally the music, Jay-Z “Ain’t I”, Clue yells at the beginning “off the bluprint 3”, thats a hoax though. Track was pretty good, always an ear open to aged Jay.  Then we get into the trash. Between G-Unit and Ransom, I wasnt sure the “skip” button would work fast enough. Not a hater, but G-Unit music is not good music. Again, not a hater, but after Ran spent 3 minutes at the end of track telling the world that Joe Budden was a homosexual, I kinda lost interest in anything he has to say. Dont get me wrong, Ran used to be alright, but that type of rant makes you look like a complete idiot. It will be hard to get over that one. Oh, back to the mixtape, there are a few other tracks on there that arent bad.

Overall rating 2.5 out of 5 -> the only reason it this high is because of the new joint from Jay and the Kiss freestyle. You can do better than that Clue.




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